I was born almost 17 years ago in Seoul, South Korea. I grew up around the world with cultural parents, with Jesus being the centre of our loud and joyous home. The world I grew up in during my early childhood in New Zealand was filled with love, and a time I learnt most about Jesus.

Over the years, growing up in an advancing world with the society and media looming over my decisions, thoughts and actions I have found it harder and more difficult to hear my own voice, to learn to love myself and to meet my own expectations and not others. It is a continual struggle to overcome the thoughts of not feeling good enough, that I am not old enough to make a difference in the world and not worthy of forgiveness from Christ.

Looking in the mirror and not seeing what you like is something that a lot of girls struggle with and at times I do as well. However, every single woman, young and old is the perfect creation in Christ’s eyes, we are a work of art and the product of the deepest and purest love. The bible shares that Christ made us in his image, that we are perfect in His eyes. 1 John 3:1 says,

‘See what kind of love the father has given to us, that we should be called the children of God, and so we are.’

Through Christ’s deep love for us, no opinion and no judgement should affect us negatively in where we think less of ourselves. It sounds so simple but it is often harder to reflect and really feel the abundant love that Christ has for us. It is hard to accept sometimes that I cannot be perfect, but the Bible states in Psalms 139:14,

‘I praise you, for I am wonderfully and fearfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.’

As women, we should embrace how we are made because we are made for the glory of God and not for any other purpose. The imperfections we have, the flaws we have as we look in the mirror and the expectations we try to meet fall short to the plans Christ has for us. It is the plan that God will use our brokenness to empower Him, to uplift the Kingdom and to bring people closer to experiencing God’s unconditional love.

Nearing early adulthood, questions about my career, my relationships and who I really am cloud my mind. I ask God questions but no answer from Him seems to satisfy me and I realise my personal calling is not about me, I don’t have to be happy with the answer because whatever Christ’s plan is for me is the only plan that will get me through life’s challenges ahead. The questions that knock me down, the issues that discourage me about learning to love myself, all my flaws and imperfections, is something that I battle with.


But the problems I am dealing with now no matter how small, are setting me up to overcome the bigger battles ahead. God’s purpose in our lives is to only make us better and stronger, to show others how God can use us. At this time, when I am young and learning and growing, it is in these moments I know that my journey is only beginning.