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If you’re new to church, want to understand a bit more about what our church believes or want to get baptised at some point in the future, these Bible studies are for you and you can do them yourself at your own pace in your own time.

A Transforming Power

The Divine Obsession

A New You

No Place Like Home

More Than What You Do

A Place For You

An Act of Love

Find Your Purpose

Visit the Following Jesus website for some discovery Bible reading questions that will enable you to hold LifeGroups by choosing a book of the Bible, reading a chapter, then working through the questions.

Download Discovery Bible Reading Bookmark

South Pacific Division

Download a Discovery Bible Reading Plan

Watch “How to Interpret Scripture” Sabbath School Lesson Quarter 2, 2020 here: Link

Watch”Education” Sabbath School Lesson Quarter 4, 2020 here: Link

Hope Channel

Arnie’s Shack 

Download and watch “The Chosen” for free:

Let’s stay connected! Physical distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still be socially & spiritually together. Here are some ideas for connecting with others in ways where you can chat in real time. You might want to set up a virtual LifeGroup, small group, prayer group, a cuppa with a friend (or two!), or a way to check up on friends and family who are isolated:

Zoom along with a tutorial on how to get started just in case you need some extra help.

FaceTime via your iPhone or iPad or on your mac.


Google Hangouts and here’s some support if you need help setting it up.


Taronga TV!

Taronga TV will be bringing two beautiful zoos (Taronga & Dubbo) directly into your living room! Tune in daily to see your favourite animals, meet friendly keepers and what goes on behind the scenes.

Lockdown Diary

A free, printable diary for kids to keep track of these days at home. Created by Stephen McCarthy.

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